Having the right customer relationship management (CRM) system will help your team and your business no end by streamlining processes and identifying leads as well as managing and storing your customer and lead information.

All too often, smaller businesses feel they needn’t utilize a CRM as the team is able to manage without one. However, this isn’t the case for businesses that are hoping to grow and scale up. Efficiency is key.

Streamline Sales

The biggest benefit of Jarvis CRM is that it streamlines the sales process which in turn serves to boost revenue.

Managing leads is a tough task when done manually. With a smart and simple CRM, you can start by tracking your leads from your website or social media, capture valuable prospect information and nurture your leads into your sales funnel.

Jarvis CRM (built on the FileMaker® Platform, by Claris®)allows you to monitor and manage all your customer interactions, therefore creating a huge source for analysis, enabling you to tweak and perfect your marketing approach meaning more hot leads and less time wasted on those who have become cold.

You’ll be able to use the information to optimize your marketing, email campaigns, sales funnels, even website design in order to best capture business and boost revenue.

Streamline Customer Service

With entire customer history stored in a centralized database, your team will find the information they need is easily accessible. Having this knowledge at your fingertips means you always know how, when, and why your customers have been in contact.

Customer support is hugely important to any business and your team having access to the same information is invaluable. A CRM will also allow you to automate processes, meaning you can send follow up emails and specific direct marketing to those customers.

Streamline Workflow

Many organizations still have several manual processes which hugely decrease productivity. Manual reports, spreadsheets, bespoke emails etc mean time is being wasted when your team could be utilizing this time to find more leads or nurture your existing prospects.

Jarvis CRM eliminates the need for constant manual intervention, allowing your team to be more productive and proactive in their sales approach.

Imagine the possibilities.

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