The quality of customer service that you can provide to your clients will be key in ensuring repeat business, recommendations, and referrals. But good customer service doesn’t just happen, it needs to be a planned process that is followed time and time again and refined until you find the gold star of what works for you and your clients.


So, what is customer service and why is it so important?



Customer service related to the way you communicate with your client from the moment they raise an enquiry. But why is it so important?




  • It makes your customer feel engaged with the process and makes them much more likely to purchase or take on a service with your company. Feeling like you have your needs have been listened to and responded to is a crucial part of any customer service plan
  • Good customer service can raise you above your competitors – with all the different marketing avenues available, it can sometimes be difficult to set yourself apart from your competitors but providing great customer service will keep you at the top of the list.

So how can you create great customer service that works every time?



  • Implement a system that helps deliver great customer service – when you’ve got many leads open at one time, it’s impossible to know where you are with each one so using a CRM system to manage this process will make your outstanding customer service much easier to deliver. For example, Jarvis CRM helps you manage relationships, manage projects and set tasks so you’ll never forget to follow up a lead again.
  • Always recap what you spoke about previously with the customer before contacting them again – being able to summarise with the client what you discussed in your last contact is a great way of building a business relationship and loyalty to your business.
  • Make your client’s life as easy as possible by taking some of the load of their hands. How many times have you called a customer service line, only to be told you can log into your account to do this? If you can help there and then, do. The likelihood is the person calling has already tried that route and hasn’t had any success, so helping where you can, will be key to delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Make your life as easy as possible so you have the time to deliver great customer service – using your CRM to automate as much as possible will allow you more time to provide great customer service and follow up with leads that you haven’t spoken to in a while.

What common mistakes should you avoid? 



  • Don’t bombard clients with information. Sending information out too often or checking in too often can be a bit overwhelming for customers, especially when they are starting out.
  • Don’t forget that great customer service starts with a great team – this one is vital and often overlooked by companies. Outstanding customer service starts with great people. Find the right people to work with your clients, you can teach skill but you can’t teach personality. Once you’ve found them, look after them.
  • Don’t make things to complicated for your customers – asking clients to fill out extensive forms, pay admin fees and making the general process of contracting a service with you, complicated is a real no-no. Make the onboarding process as simple as possible.



Delivering gold star customer service, doesn’t need to be difficult, it just needs to be planned, tracked, monitored and reviewed and finding a system or CRM that can help you do this will be crucial to delivering your company’s mission.


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