Choosing a CRM that’s right for your business is vital if you want to ensure it’s going to enable more productivity and efficiency, plus stand the test of time.


There are a huge number of popular CRMs out there, offering a variety of functionality. One of the most frequent frustrations we hear is that most of these CRMs operate on a bolt-on basis, meaning the more useful functionality you need, the higher the monthly fee you’ll pay.


It’s something we’ve all gotten used to over the last few years, we know if we get a free version of something, it’s not going to perform as well as if we get the ‘pro’ version. What gets people’s goat is that often you’ll get half the function only to find later that you need to upgrade in order to utilize it fully. An example of this is systems that include time-trackers. Sure, you can track your time, but when it comes to exporting a report on tracked time -you need the ‘pro’ version.


Knowing this, Jarvis CRM has transparent pricing. It’s everything you need for one fee. No messing about here.



So, when you’re looking at getting a CRM for your business, here are our top tips on what to look out for…


Does it have the functionality YOUR business needs?


Yeah, this sounds pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses, small and large alike, don’t do their due diligence and actually factor in the CRM’s functionality and capabilities. It’s all very well having a fancy CRM, but if it doesn’t specifically do what your business needs it to do, it’s simply a waste of money.


Our tip is to identify and list exactly what you need your CRM to do before you begin the hunt and look for customizable options.


Is it easy to use?


A good CRM is logical, intuitive, and designed with the user in mind. User-friendliness is one of the most popular deciding factors quoted when asking people about what they want from a system. A system where you can jump right in after some training is great. Don’t forget that each user may be using a different functionality, so they’ll only need to understand their own individual areas of use. You also need to consider how straightforward it is to set up. Does it offer implementation and training? Is it easy to troubleshoot and does the company offer reliable and responsive customer service?


Our tip is to request a demo in advance, as well as take advantage of any free trials on offer.


Is it secure?


Not only will your business’s data be stored on the CRM, but you’ll have your customer data on there too so the system MUST be secure and hackproof. Many companies host all their customer data in one place, meaning a breach could be disastrous, not just for you but for your customer base as well.


Our tip is to contact the company to find out what their server(s) setup is and what guarantees they can give you around the security and safety of your data.


Will it stand the test of time?


It’s all about futureproofing. As your business grows and evolves, you’re going to need your CRM to work with you, not against you. You’ll need more automations, you’ll need more specific analysis, your team may grow (and that’s a pain if you’re paying per user).


Our tip is to make sure you assess what functionality you may need in the future and find a CRM that incorporates those options as well as accommodates and facilitates your business growth.  


Can it be integrated with the other tools and software you use?


We all use a number of platforms, tools, and software in our businesses and having to independently switch between them all is time-consuming and annoying. You need to be working smarter, not harder, so a CRM with built-in integrations is something you’ll be needing if you want to be more productive and efficient.


Our tip is to get a CRM with existing integrations but that also has the option for nearly limitless customizable integrations.



If you’re looking for a CRM that will stand the test of time and grow with your business, look no further than Jarvis CRM.


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