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Jarvis CRM Support

We can help you with the following:

  • Training
  • Customizations
System Requirements

FileMaker Server 19 with Web Publishing and the Data API are required to be enabled.

FileMaker Pro 19 is required on Mac and Windows Desktops.

FileMaker Go 19 for iPhone and iPad


As of version 7 of Jarvis, any upgrades are full price upgrades. If you have customizations you would like to move to the new version, we can quote you for that work. However, if there are specific features in Jarvis CRM 7 that you want in your current solution, most of them are modular and can be transferred via copy/paste. Jarvis CRM 7 is a locked file. 

How is Jarvis CRM™ Licensed?

A license of Jarvis CRM™ is per-user licensing, minimum 5 as an annual subscription., Jarvis 7 is locked and can be customized by  The Scarpetta Group, Inc.

Can I Add Users?

Yes, we will update the subscription for your users.

Do you offer Support?

Initially, we make sure the core application is up and running and answer your questions.

A support package is available and can be customized to meet your needs.

What are my Hosting Options?

Jarvis CRM 7 will be hosted securely in the cloud.

Does Jarvis CRM Support FileMaker Cloud?

Jarvis CRM does support FileMaker Cloud.

QuickBooks® Online Integration

The QuickBooks Online Integration is included in the cost of Jarvis CRM. No Plugins, No Subscriptions are required for this feature.


To take full advantage of the email capabilities you will need a minimum of a free account at


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