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Implementation Packages


Implementation Packages Implementation

Implementation Packages may be used for any of the following services:

FileMaker Server 17 installation and configuration, SSL cert installation.

FileMaker 17 Pro install assistance on desktop client

Jarvis setup and configuration
 (System preferences, Navigation, user accounts
, Plug-in Installation

Remote training/support for you and your staff

Zulu Calendar Sync setup and configuration.

Customization and enhancements **Not available with Jarvis Cloud.

*A total of hours purchased towards the services above, pending actual time needed on prioritized tasks. Additional time may be purchased at $185/hour.

*FileMaker 17 is required, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro Licenses are not included.

$555 In stock
On-Boarding Hours 3 hours (555) 5 hours (925) 10 hours (1850) 15 Hours (2775) 20 Hours (3700) 30 Hours (5550) 40 hours (7400)