Forgetting to follow up on a lead is one of the most common problems in the sales process. Businesses that are not using a CRM are finding employees managing follow-ups in email or excel. There is no system or application to ensure that communication with a lead is being made or managed. Lost sales hurt bottom lines. Working from home, being disconnected from the office, complicates these processes. Jarvis CRM has the tools to manage these processes and keep the cash flow moving and the business growing.

Introducing Jarvis CRM 7

This is the most significant upgrade to Jarvis for managing communications for leads and follow-ups. The SendGrid integration using the inbound parsing collects emails and automatically assigns them to a team member. These can be new leads from a form on the website or even a reply from a quote. Even logging an inbound phone call from a new lead is easier and simplifies the initial contact and qualification. The process even allows for creating a task for the right salesperson. Where this version really shines are in the new features with marketing campaigns and email templates. Campaigns have been modified for multiple actions. Imagine sending out an email campaign and easily moving the recipients that clicked the emails into a new action for a different type of follow-up. Each step aggregates the results recording all of the actions.

If you manage leads in excel or email, Jarvis is for you.

Over 70 updates and new features were added Jarvis CRM 7.

Top 10:

• Campaigns with multiple actions
• Groups (create, merge, print labels)
• Email Templates (HTML and sync from SendGrid)
• Inbound Email (Parse, reply, or auto-assign tasks)
• HR features: Job Descriptions, CEU management (Course tracking)
• Sales Commissions and reporting
• Updated for FileMaker 19
• Quickbooks Online updated
• Performance Tweaks
• Larger Screens to fill laptop real estate

The path to this version was simple. Our clients have been asking us for more intuitive and flexible marketing tools. We enjoy a challenge. FileMaker 19 gave us new tools with javascript that let us build some incredible things to better businesses. The knowledge we gained from conversations and the vision we have to build the best CRM platform is what drives us. Solving problems is what we do. We eat our own dog food. We use Jarvis to run our day to day activities as well at The Scarpetta Group.

Jarvis CRM 7 provides an incredible platform for your company that keeps all your data in one place and is shared by everyone. With incredible new marketing tools, it can easily replace email and excel or even another online CRM at a fraction of the cost of what you are paying for even more features.

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