It goes without saying that you need sales in order for your business to survive. But for a business to thrive, you need to build fantastic funnels and streamline the sales process from start to finish (and after).

We’ve got a post in the pipeline on how to build winning funnels, but for now, let’s look at streamlining.

The driving force behind any business is sales and it’s important to define and streamline your process from the offset. However, this can be challenging as technology is ever-evolving, so you have no option but to follow suit by continually reviewing and tweaking your sales plan in order to remain as productive and efficient as possible.

Implementing a CRM such as Jarvis is the obvious solution, and we’ll explore some of the reasons below, as well as give you some top advice on streamlining your sales plan.

Review and define your sales plan:

It’s majorly important to have a defined sales process in place, and you’d likely be surprised at just how many businesses don’t.

Creating a flowchart of the sales process needn’t be a headache and it’ll save you a lot of pain in the long run.

It’s as simple as outlining the steps from lead generation to close (and aftersales) and ensuring your team understand their responsibilities and steps within the process. This enables you to identify any gaps in the process and potential team communication issues which cause loss of business.

Often, the process of handing over from marketing to sales needs to be re-evaluated as this is where the most leads can fall through the cracks. Having a CRM means your entire team can see the process from start to finish and creates lead visibility, so you always know where they are in your funnel.

Examine your funnels

The purpose of your funnel is to get that sale and every step of the process should be geared toward moving your lead further along. Every action within your funnel should have a specific intent to get those potential buyers where you want them to be.

With Jarvis CRM, your team can see the full pipeline and add prompts to those leads to ensure the process is smooth and relevant communication is maintained.

Qualify your leads

Your team should all be on the same page regarding what qualifies as a lead and where within the sales funnel that potential buyer belongs. Understanding the buyer and establishing whether they intend to purchase (versus just showing an interest) is extremely important.

With a CRM, your team will have access to customer history and other data, allowing them to determine early on in the process whether the lead is qualified.

Unnecessary chasing of unqualified or cold leads is a huge waste of time and effort, so ditch the dead weight. When your team is focused on quality leads, your conversions will be higher.

Automate your sales system

With your sales plan and funnels defined, it should be easy to identify unnecessary steps as well as steps that could be automated. Removing manual intervention by automating repetitive and standard tasks is a sure-fire way to improve efficiency and team productivity.

By automating processes, your team will have more time to focus on tasks that will generate more sales and increase revenue.

Jarvis CRM (built on the FileMaker® Platform, by Claris®) will not only allow you to automate necessary processes but can be integrated with a huge variety of databases, software systems, and applications.

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