Reducing business costs will be high up the list for many small businesses and weighing up whether a purchase is an investment or a cost can be a head scratcher.

Software that saves you precious time on the more repetitive tasks (such as social media scheduling) can have great benefits as it frees up time for you to work on more revenue generating tasks. If you’re spending less than you’re making, it’s worth the investment.


So how can Jarvis CRM help reduce business costs?



Digitalize your admin

For starters, digitalizing your records saves on time and paper waste. Long gone are the days of paper-based admin, and if your team still relies on physical handling of documents and records, you’re wasting more time and money than you perhaps realize. Using a CRM means all information is central and readily available, no more searching in a filing cabinet or making photocopies.


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Manage your contacts

The ability to manage your contacts easily and effectively is a huge priority. If you drop a potential lead or miss an opportunity, that’s lost revenue.

Jarvis CRM makes relationship management and automation EASY, especially when it comes to nurturing leads, closing sales, and creating loyal customers.



We all know how important marketing is, but are you making your marketing specific enough? With Jarvis CRM, you can manage your email campaigns and target the groups you have set up, depending on their status and interest. Mail that is received can be assigned to a team and auto-create a task so that all important communication stays visible. And with templates, you needn’t spend time creating a bespoke email which cuts down on keystrokes and therefore saves your team time.

Streamline sales

Jarvis saves your team time by automating manual processes, they can devote more time to meeting with prospects and closing sales. With a visible funnel you can see where each of your prospects is within their sales journey, meaning your team don’t need to do any guesswork. Manage opportunities, quotes, and orders with ease.

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Project management

Deliver all your projects on time with the use of the project management suite. Running your projects effectively and delivering on time will mean your clients are likely to return time and time again, or at least leave you a raving review.


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Team management

Keep your team productive and motivated and retain your valued employees with user management. This allows you to set sales goals, track course modules, and enables your team to work to the best of their ability by giving them the tools they need for the job.



Jarvis CRM integrates with limitless applications so no need for you to spend time or money trying to find the right software for the job in hand. Jarvis is fully customizable so you can connect any current applications using APIs.


You know what they say, time is money, and by saving time via effective planning, automation, and execution, you can focus your energies on your revenue generating tasks.


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Automating tasks and managing your time, team, clients, and leads is simplified with Jarvis CRM.

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