User Dashboard

Jarvis Puts You in the Driver’s Seat with Easy-to-Use Features

Jarvis’s intuitive design and easy-to-use features make managing your work simple. A robust user dashboard allows you to view goals, time tracking details, calendars, and more, at a glance. Manage tasks, log time, record expenses, and track activities quickly and easily. A flexible calendar view allows you to see what events have been scheduled. View and filter tasks to streamline project management. Admin windows and HR management modules provide even greater control. All new job descriptions and courses modules keep employees moving along with earning course credits and CEU’s.


Start your day by seeing your progress, appointments and upcoming tasks. Functioning as a control center, this is the most powerful place in Jarvis. The new user menu is available on every layout making tasks and time logging just a click away.

Calendaring and Sync

The calendar in Jarvis is available in multiple views to keep you focused and meeting your goals. Sync your calendar with Google or Office 365 by adding a subscription to Claris Connect. 


Time Logging

Log time to tasks easily in Jarvis. Available through the user menu, which is featured on every layout, time entry is a click away. Filter the list by clicking on the day of the week for quick checking access.

Sales Goals & Territories

Track your sales against the goals you set. View assigned territories.

User Management

Specifically designed for an administrator or Human Resources this module has everything needed for managing your staff.

•  Set sales goals

•  Assign sales territories

•  Manage user-level permissions

•  Manage logons

•   Privacy Mode – One-click to darken the screen

Job Descriptions and Required Courses

Optionally manage individual job descriptions and courses just by selecting a job title. Courses are assigned to a job and are required. 



Courses and Scheduling

Track courses needed for staff to maintain job requirements or annual CEU requirements. 

•  Create Schedules

•  Assign Staff

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