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Jarvis gives your team the organization and automation tools they need. Schedule meetings, creating quotes and proposals, tracking activity, and seeing the full pipeline is now done with ease. Since Jarvis runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and in a web browser, your team has the flexibility to access the CRM when and where they need to. Because Jarvis saves your team time by automating manual processes, they can devote more time to meeting with prospects and closing sales.

Jarvis is an award-winning application that can be easily customized for any business. The Scarpetta Group was awarded FileMaker’s Business Alliance Excellence Award in 2017 for our work on Jarvis.


Listening to your client is the most important step in understanding their needs. Qualifications was built for you to input the initial communication information. A contact can be created in seconds with minimal information, later you can go back and add the details from your notes.


Communication is key to customer relationships. Touchpoints are built to plan tasks assigned to the appropriate people in the organization to stay in touch with contacts during the year. 


Manage products and services with ease. Need to order more of a product? Create a purchase order quickly and send it to your vendor. Upon receipt it will be added to inventory. Document management is included for storing assembly instructions, MSDS data sheets, and videos.


Create a new quote from an existing customer or a new one from the quoting module. When adding products you have the option to select from standard products and from custom pricing. With custom pricing your customer will see their price and description as expected. 


Sales Orders

With Jarvis, pushing a quote to a sales order allows for the information to move seamlessly. With flexibility, you may ship and invoice partials. If needing to add an item last minute, you can do that as well.

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