Powerful marketing


Communicate effectively with the right message.

Jarvis provides the tools to communicate your message, staying in touch with your customers. 


Managing campaigns in Jarvis could not be easier with more tools than ever before. They have been extended to have multiple campaign actions. Each action is able to build off of the previous. Such as building a new group from those that clicked on the original email or merging them with another group. Even resend the campaign to those who did not click. 

• Campaign actions provide multiple steps to help you reach your goal.

• Campaign action results allow you to interact with those that responded or clicked.

Group Management

Group management is streamlined even more.

• Sync a group with SendGrid

• Use a group for a mailing

• Merge groups

Contacts, Email, and Template Management

Contact List

Find and search by any criteria, state, name, tag, and build groups.

  • Create new groups
  • Merge contacts into an existing group


Build templates in SendGrid’s easy to use editor and sync to Jarvis. Let us tie them to the right processes for you and off you go with your own workflows. Further, extend them with Claris Connect, ask us how.

  • System Templates for core functionality
  • Generic templates for standardized HTML emails
  • Simple templates for ad-hoc campaigns


In-Bound Email

SendGrid’s in-bound parse makes for the best incoming email. 


  • Assign to a team
  • Auto-create tasks
  • Reply
  • Keeps CRM related email in Jarvis, no spam or everyday email

Why our customers love Jarvis CRM

Easy of use, reliable application, has all the modules for a company Streamline process, reporting, availability, minimal time for admin

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