Easily Connect Google, SendGrid, QuickBooks® Online and More to Jarvis

Built-in integrations make it simple to expand Jarvis’s functionality. Automate more of your workflow and speed up your processes by connecting to Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Address Lookup, Slack, Office 365, MailChimp, QuickBooks Online, and Sendgrid. Access your data and use it directly within Jarvis CRM for streamlined productivity.

Jarvis can also be customized with nearly limitless other integrations, thanks to simple-to-use APIs. Talk with us about fast and affordable customization options. 

Amazing workflows can be built with Claris Connect – ask us more.


Manage companies with ease. Charts visually help you predict and see sales while managing contacts and addresses. Manage contacts and addresses. Store contracts or any other document for quick recall when needed. Everything you could want to know about a company rests at your fingertips.


Build relationships with your contacts with all the necessary tools. Qualify new leads and use touch-points to keep up with communications via tasks.


Integrate Everything

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