customer relationship Management

Dropped Leads? Never Again with Jarvis.

Jarvis makes relationship management and automation EASY, especially when it comes to nurturing leads, closing sales, and creating loyal customers. Jarvis will integrate with various databases and software systems, and it has built-in standard integration with SendGrid and QuickBooks Online. Jarvis allows you to quickly and easily create opportunities, quotes, sales orders, and invoices in any location. Accomplish all your tasks quickly and easily in one application.

User Dashboard

As soon as you logon to Jarvis for the day, it is right in front of you the way you planned it. Appointments, Tasks, and Sales all visually designed for motivation and a sense of accomplishment.


Track activities from the first call, creating the customer record, even linking them to a campaign. Set follow-up tasks or even create touchpoints for a plan to stay engaged all year. Never forget or miss a follow-up again. 

Built for Any Industry

  • Advertising
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Non-Profits
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Software
  • Service Industries

Communicate Effectively with Ease


Manage companies with ease. Charts visually help you predict and view sales trends. Contacts and addresses are easily managed. You can store contracts or any other document for quick access when needed.

  • Quoting
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Projects
  • Subscriptions
  • Custom pricing
  • Tags
  • View interactions across all contacts


Build and track relationships with your contacts with all the necessary tools. Qualify new leads and use touch-points to keep up with communications via tasks.

  • Track job history
  • Tasks, Activities, Email, and Appointments
  • Create Opportunities,Quotes, and Invoices
  • See email bounces when using SendGrid
  • Tag them to help build groups


Contacts – Marketing

Everything you need in one place to plan and stay in-touch with a single customer. 


  • Social media links
  • Marketing group assignments
  • Relationships and interests to show you really know them and listen
  • Touchpoints – designed to make sure they are being reached out to

Contacts List

Find any contact, build a group, or just reach out. 

  • Build groups
  • Search by any category
  • Quick find with the filter
  • Sort columns
  • The end of the spreadsheet…

Why our customers love Jarvis CRM

Although we used FileMaker for some of out internal processes and systems, Jarvis CRM has provided us with a more powerful, robust and outstanding system. The UI is intuitive yet clean and easy for users of all types. Scarpetta has been outstanding involvement in creating and modifying Jarvis to suit out business needs. The professionalism and support from Scarpetta has been beyond compare. Being in the healthcare field, evolutionary changes occur often. Our journey of finding a custom EHR solution has ended with Jarvis. Before Jarvis, our agency relied on several different solutions and systems to manage our healthcare records. Our move into a paperless system has been brought to light with Jarvis. There are a multitude of benefits our business has and will be party to because of going virtually paperless.

Eric D


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