Have you ever been on a team-building day? Have you been offered ‘perks of the job’ like free breakfast on a Friday or discounted tickets to the cinema? Have you ever worked for a company that gives you a $20 voucher and a cheap bottle of wine at Christmas?


So many companies offer their staff these ‘perks’ with the best intentions; they want their staff to feel valued and appreciated as well as motivated in their roles. But this can strike some as superficial platitudes, small tokens the company can extract from their petty cash without it making a difference to their bottom line. It’s not an investment in their people and can in fact demotivate and demoralize a team.


Aside from paying your team more for their efforts, there’s a simple way to really get them pumped and productive.


Give them the right tools for the job.


Sounds too easy, right?


Most of us have been in a job where we’ve had to circumnavigate shoddy systems or borrow someone else’s equipment because ours is faulty. Most of us have had the frustrations of not being able to communicate effectively with the rest of the team or situations where we’ve made a mistake because we weren’t armed with all the relevant information.


Those frustrations turn into resentment, and a team that feels that way isn’t going to be able to function well. They’re likely to be spending a lot of time trying to find solutions to problems that shouldn’t really exist and could be easily resolved. And they know it.


There are tons of motivational tips out there, but without the basics in place, these additional ‘perks’ appear superficial.


Surely, it’s a given that a team should have all the necessary resources and equipment in order to do their job well, but so many businesses are falling short with their software.


So, if your team already has the right hardware in place, let’s have a look at 5 of the benefits of getting the right software solutions.




Things that are difficult to achieve that ‘shouldn’t’ be difficult to achieve cause serious frustrations. This is why even competing software companies provide integrations, they know it’s for the greater good not only in their businesses but in others. Human beings love convenience and simplicity, so to have a system that can do the things you need it to do is vital. When people are able to complete their work tasks with ease and without having to go through a series of unnecessary processes, you’ll see an immediate improvement in morale and motivation.




This one is obvious, or at least should be. Again, it comes down to being able to complete work tasks with ease and accuracy, and this is why we love automation. Why opt for human intervention when a human needn’t have a hand in it? Imagine what your team could be achieving when their time is freed up. The more meaningful and revenue-generating tasks will be the main focus when your team isn’t having to spend time on the repetitive and mundane.


Knowledge Sharing

Often overlooked, knowledge sharing is hugely important. If your team has access to the same resources and customer information in one centralized place, everyone is on the same page and people are much less likely to make a mistake. Ease of access to information will help your team feel more comfortable and better equipped to do their jobs.


Customer Experience

Of course, the customer will benefit too. Response times will be quicker, and your team will have time to nurture those all-important prospects. With access to a centralized platform, your team will be armed with customer information, making their interactions much more meaningful. You want your customers to be happy and for their experience to be fluid and comfortable, so a CRM that makes this easy for your team is key.


Communication & Collaboration

If your team is communicating effectively, your business will run more smoothly. Your team needs to know what’s going on and have an overview of the bigger picture. This makes things easier when a team member is on leave, for example, another team member can take over because they know the information and instruction is there.


When your team is well-equipped, armed with the necessary information, and can access the right resources – they can effortlessly focus on the same goal.


Jarvis CRM can do all this and more for your business.


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