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Stuckey & Company Saves Over 200 Hours of Employee Time Per Month Using Jarvis CRM™

“I run my entire business on Jarvis. Literally everything. Every one of our employees uses it and we all have our own ‘easy button’ to make things simple.”

— Dwight Stuckey, Owner, Stuckey & Company

The Study

Stuckey & Company is a 27-year-old insurance provider emphasizing hard-to-get specialty insurance programs. The company also offers personal, commercial, professional, and surplus lines insurance coverage.

Partnering with insurance companies such as The Hartford, Travelers, CNA, and Safeco, and serving over 9,732 insurance agencies and 16,000 independent agents, Stuckey & Company has a large and complex system of processes to handle. They manage the paperwork and requirements of their partner companies, those of their insurance agencies and their accounts, and every contact that’s a part of those accounts.

The Challenge

Although Stuckey & Company had been using a FileMaker®-based system since the company’s inception, the system was cumbersome and wasn’t very automated. Significant portions of various processes had to be done manually, taking up hours of employee time that needed to be used elsewhere.

Stuckey & Company needed an automated system that could tackle multiple tasks, including quoting, invoicing, servicing, managing carrier relationships, managing products, reporting, compliance, and agent licensing. The current system had over 2 million files attached, so the new system had to be robust enough to handle both the complexity and volume required.

The Solution

Dwight Stuckey, owner of the company, discovered The Scarpetta Group at the FileMaker Developer Conference. When he heard about Jarvis and how it could be easily customized to handle intricate processes and integrated with other software programs, he realized that he could use it to streamline his business. The fact that Jarvis came with an easy-to-use GUI interface meant that any employee, even those without FileMaker experience, could comfortably use the system.

After learning the intricacies of their business, The Scarpetta Group collaborated with Stuckey & Company to come up with a plan to simplify and automate as many processes as possible. The Scarpetta team customized Jarvis to automatically handle a variety of time-consuming tasks.

The Results

The largest time savings has come as a result of an integration with The Hartford. Because a few thousand Hartford policies come up for renewal each month, a Stuckey & Company employee was spending a massive amount of time each month running reports to identify which policies were due for renewal and then searching The Hartford’s website for each policy in order to download it and then upload it to the system. The new system uses an xml file to automatically attach renewing policies to Jarvis and then automatically send them to the agents. Dwight says, “The new system is much more efficient. I’m saving about 200 man hours each month just on this one process.”

Commission payments are also greatly simplified. Stuckey & Company partners with 51 different insurance carriers, and each has different rules for commissions for their agents. The accounting department previously had to track and manage commissions for each agent, but now the new system quickly imports commission information from the carriers’ websites, freeing up time for other important tasks.

Using FileMaker’s WebDirect technology, the new system connects with an online database where agents can enter information and customers can search by various criteria to find an agent that matches their needs.

The new system is also being used to send automated emails to facilitate various processes, preventing employees and agents from forgetting to take essential actions. Additionally, Stuckey & Company is using the new system to track agent performance, task completion, calls and marketing activities, quotes and orders, and more.

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