Business Trends 2021


Wow, 2020, just wow!


So many changes in the world and very obvious changes to the way in which businesses operate. How long will these changes last? Has the way in which we work changed forever?


With so much uncertainty, it’s comforting to know that predictable emerging trends will see us into 2021 and throughout. 


Flexibility is top of the agenda with candidates and companies expecting remote working as a given. The facility to work from home is becoming increasingly important for those in office-based roles and employers may well start citing this as a necessity when taking on new starters. Sure, there may have been creases to iron out initially, but many companies are now rethinking their entire business model as shared offices are beginning to be deemed an unnecessary overhead. Working from home hasn’t worked for everyone but working lives can be made easier when those on your team are given the right support and tools for the job.


With this new flexibility comes a greater need for a fully integrated and customizable streamlined system, accessible to all, regardless of where they’re located. Jarvis CRM has got you covered.


Data efficiency and data as an asset is also becoming widely discussed. Cloud based data solutions and security are right at the top of the list for businesses to prioritize going forward. Investing in a system that can process, store, analyze, and streamline data as well as ensure security and protection is imperative for the longevity of small, medium and large organizations alike.


Automating processes is also ranking high on the priority list, as more efficient processes mean more opportunity to increase revenue. Unfortunately for some, this may mean a downsize in workforce for many businesses as processes will be evaluated and employees will be scrutinized for how much value they’re currently bringing.


Jarvis CRM has the ability to check all these data solutions from the list and improve automation. Learn more here.


A huge number of companies are now focussed on improving their business model and will be looking out for innovations in order to secure the future success of their business. Consumers are expecting more of a digital presence as well as swift customer service and a comfortable sales journey.


Businesses will be looking for ‘outside the box’ thinkers as personal traits become more important. Communication, transparency, reliability, initiative, efficiency and trustworthiness are key characteristics employers will be seeking due to the necessity to rely on the team’s ability to be productive whilst working remotely.


And on the flipside, candidates will be looking for a better work/life balance as the discussion of mental health is becoming less taboo. Generation Z are entering the workforce and they know what they want. Meaning and purpose are hot topics and so company values that align with current attitudes are being increasingly sought after.


The way businesses interact on social media is evolving too. During the pandemic, brands have relied upon this engagement with their audience to keep their companies visible and relevant and consumers are looking for authenticity and trust.







There has also been a huge increase in interests of sustainability, reduction of carbon footprints and utilizing renewable energy. Again, Gen Z are at the helm, demanding we all do more to help the planet. A vast number of corporations are making it a priority now to improve their operations and become more sustainable while reducing the environmental impact they have previously had.


It’s great to see so many businesses picking back up after what has been a heck of a year. We’re confident this means many organizations will be looking for fresh talent to help drive business forward in 2021


Is your business prepared for 2021?


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