fficiency isn’t always about working harder, it’s about working smarter and in order to do so, you need to eliminate as many time-consuming processes as possible. You’d be forgiven for assuming that this is common knowledge, but the sheer number of businesses that still use manual processes that could be automated is quite surprising.

In order to add more value to your business, you need to have a real good look at not only what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it.

Having a CRM to simplify and manage your automated tasks is the obvious solution. With Jarvis CRM, you get a vast range of features and functionality to help drive efficiency in your business. Jarvis CRM is also fully customizable with limitless integration possibilities.

So, what are the benefits of automating processes?

Reducing time spent on manual tasks which in turn reduces costs is of huge importance in business. It’s clear that manual processes take up unnecessary time. Automating those processes allows you to free up time to focus on more valuable work, driving efficiency and often leading to a happier, more motivated team. Automation saves labor costs and reduces the margin for human error, which as we all know, can be costly.

Streamlining and standardizing processes is a no-brainer. Often this is difficult to accomplish without some digital intervention as people will always have their ‘own way’ of doing things. When you automate, by default procedures will become standardized which streamlines the process from start to finish.

Managing tasks in such a way as to eliminate errors is tough. When you automate your task management it becomes more efficient and transparent, meaning nothing falls through the cracks. All information is accessible to everyone and this visibility eradicates the time-consuming necessity to chase other team members for updates.

Overall productivity is improved and increased. This is something all businesses will benefit from financially and your team will feel less pressured and stressed out when you remove the irritating and unnecessary time-consuming tasks from their workload.

There is always room to improve customer satisfaction. The customer is at the heart of your business and if you can do more for them and exceed their expectations, they will be back time and again. With more time to engage with customers and nurture leads, your team will feel connected to the customer and take pride in the level of support and service they are now free to deliver. Plus, automation reduces the margin for error and creates consistency with standardization. Your customers will love the quality of service you provide.

Jarvis CRM (built on the FileMaker® Platform, by Claris®) allows you to accomplish all your tasks quickly and easily in one application.

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