It’s that time of year again where we all start reflecting on the last 12 months of business and start to map out our 2022 goals and ambitions.

And while goal setting is all well and good, a business needs more than a long-term goal to survive, more importantly, to THRIVE.

So, here’s our roundup of top tips to get the best from your business in 2022.



  • Do more of what works

We’re all for improvement, but the word itself implies we’re not already doing well. Take some time to look back and see what has worked well in your business over the last year and double down on the effort in the coming months. Sure, there are plenty of new things to try, but if something is already working well, do more of it! Simple.


  • Engage more on social media

We all know what a great tool social media is for organic leads and making connections, so use your social media time wisely and with intention. Where does your ideal client hang out? Find them, check their activity, and go get involved with the same conversations. Get them used to seeing your name. Offer advice and tips, be helpful in the comments and ask questions. This way, on LinkedIn at least, when you send a connection request they’ll already be primed to accept. It’s the adage of know, like, and trust, and you won’t get that from scheduled posts alone.


  • Invest in your team

Give your team the right tools for the job. When your team is well-equipped, armed with the necessary information, and can access the right resources – they can effortlessly focus on the same goal. That way you’ll get the best from them, time and time again.


  • Start as you mean to go on with your project management

A project needs to be broken down into stages. Depending on where you look and what industry you’re in, you’ll find the number of stages and their definitions slightly differ. So, in broad terms the below are the main stages.


  • Planning & organizing
  • Implementing
  • Monitoring & controlling
  • Closing


Cash in on the benefits of having an integrated CRM and Project Management system.


  • Review your Mission and Vision

Are you core values still the same? Is your mission still relevant? Does your vision still drive you? Reflect and review and make changes where necessary to ensure you’re moving forward with clarity and a common goal.


  • Streamline and automate

It goes without saying that you need sales in order for your business to survive. But for a business to thrive, you need to build fantastic funnels and streamline the sales process from start to finish (and after).


  • Keep your ideal client a priority

It’s all very well having customers but if you’re looking to take further steps towards scaling your business, understanding the importance of your target audience is integral. And getting your team to understand it is the icing on the cake.


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