Blogging in itself can be big business. There are plenty of folk out there making money solely through blogging about travel, lifestyle, health and fitness, and business (to name but a few). This goes to show, you can blog about pretty much anything. If your content is high quality, it’ll be of interest and value to someone.


From a business perspective, blogging has some serious benefits. Sure, it can be somewhat time-consuming and perhaps if you don’t quite understand the potential advantages it may even appear to be a waste of effort.


We can assure you, it’s not.


What are the benefits?

Keeping your audience in the know.

Blogging allows you to keep your customers up to date with your business news and industry trends. You may have restructured or rebranded recently or perhaps received an industry award. Your blog can serve as a newsletter to your customers, keeping them up to date with anything new, exciting, and worth sharing. Be careful though, you don’t want your blog to simply be somewhere for you to boast about your achievements or bore your customers with insider business information that they won’t find relevant. Always keep your reader in mind.


Do share exciting news about your business

Don’t bore your readers with irrelevant ‘insider’ information


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Prove yourselves

Your blog is a great platform to showcase your experience and expertise. You can achieve this through a ‘quick tips’ post or maybe an in-depth look at one of your FAQs. If you can offer your consumers some tips, help, and advice, not only will you be adding value to your content, you’ll be demonstrating your expertise and knowledge within your field. You’ll be making leaps towards building brand authority if you pack value for the consumer into your content. This will also increase trust from your audience, and they’ll be more inclined to come to you when the time is right for them to purchase.


Do add value by ensuring your content is well researched and well written

Don’t dupe your customers with poor or incomplete content


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Relationship building is absolutely key in business and a blog enables you to forge a trusting relationship with your customers. Blogging language can be much more informal and conversational. You don’t need to use all the jargon and business chat that plagues the pages of some corporate sites. You’ll want to speak to your customers on a human level and this gives you the opportunity to show that you are approachable and human after all. You might consider allowing comments on your posts to encourage discussion amongst your visitors and begin to grow a community. Just make sure you moderate the posts and reply promptly where necessary.


Do speak to your audience in a voice they can relate to

Don’t use office jargon or business chat as it can alienate and deter your consumers


Know Your Audience


Back up

A truly great reason to blog is that it reinforces your existing content. Your content probably already tells your site visitors what you sell and how to purchase but a blog will allow you to explore the why. Having the opportunity to discuss the reasons why your customers would want your product or service is basically a less forceful marketing technique. It will get your visitors thinking about how your product or service will add value to them and they won’t feel pressured by the usual transparent direct sales tactics we’re all becoming increasingly sick of.


Do explore the ‘why’ of your product or service

Don’t use forceful sales techniques


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More visitors

Finally, the kicker. A blog will boost traffic to your site. Posts you add to your site will be indexed by search engines such as Google and this means more opportunity for you to be found online. Organic traffic (rather than paid for i.e. Google Ads etc) is something every site needs and should be working on. This of course is great for smaller businesses or those who have less of a marketing budget. You can increase your posts’ SEO with backlinks and keywords and phrases, all of which will aid you in getting further up in search engine rankings.


Do think about your keywords

Don’t underestimate the value of organic traffic


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Content and Ideas

It may be that you’re worried about a lack of ideas for content. Don’t let this stop you. Having a blog can allow you to get in deep with a specific area which may not be as relevant or is too bulky for your main site content. Your blog will give you the chance to explore complementary subjects. The more interesting and valuable your content, the more brand follows and shares you’ll get on social media, again increasing exposure for your business.







Final Tip

If you’re not certain you already have someone in your business that can nail the topics you want to cover with precision and relevant tone of voice, you may want to consider hiring a copywriter. It may seem like an additional cost, but the ROI will be significant. Hiring someone who can adopt the right tone and voice, has SEO knowledge and a firm grasp of readability, spelling, and grammar will most certainly ensure your professionalism shines through.


Although they say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, you can bend this rule when it comes to your blog. Inject a little personality and humour, you don’t want to be a bore and ultimately, it’ll make your brand more relatable and ensure your customers keep coming back for more.


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